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Pay the price for your fail.
Succeed and the money will be automatically returned.

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We are a small team of indie web developers. We make projects that help us work more productively and push them into public space.
This project is for people who want to start achieve a better progress in their work. It helps doing this by setting a goal and date of release. You will be asked for a deposit of some amount of money to help yourself deliver result in time. If you succeed in achieving your goals, we send you your deposit back. We hope you like our small project and wish you good luck in achieving your goals.

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All transactions with reached goals will automatically refund to your Paypal account.


We monitor transactions 24/7. That should help you rest easy.


Contact us if anything seems suspicious. We'll never ask for sensitive information in an email.

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PayPal helps keep your transactions secure by not sharing your full financial information with sellers. And we too.

Responsive Support

We're here to help. Tell us if you suspect strange activity, no money was returned, identity theft, or something else and we’ll be on the case. Contact us by email to